No go sleep. Hmmm, I wish I could count the times when one of my own children said that! And now, my grandson has developed his own unique, and I have to admit, cute, endearing, but sometimes really irritating ways of dragging out the inevitable – bedtime.

The father/daughter team of Jules and Katie Feiffer have come together to bring us the delightful No Go Sleep and I am so glad. Beautifully illustrated by Jules Feiffer, Katie weaves a lullaby of a story to a baby who is fighting sleep. Thankfully everything – the sun, moon, the stars, etc. all reassure the fussy baby that all is well. The baby obviously feels safe and secure because….even though the last word out of his dear little mouth is NO! he promptly closes his eyes and is fast asleep. Oh! If only it were always that easy for all our little ones.

This bedtime story was a big hit with our little one when he came for a recent visit. He loved the colorful drawings, he listened attentively to the story, and it quickly became part of our bedtime routine. Try it, your little one might like it and maybe you will too!

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