WHO Came To Tea???

I was so surprised when our little squirt came for a visit to find out that one of his most favorite books to read was one of his mama’s most beloved books, The Tiger Who Came To Tea, by the well known author and illustrator Judith Kerr. First published in 1968, this book has been loved by generations of children.

Who can argue with so many children who have lovingly fingered the pages of this book over the years. Our own copy, purchased in London at Hatchards, has finger smudges and minor repairs, but that doesn’t take away in the least from the magical entrance of the Tiger, just as Sophie and her “Mum” are sitting down for their afternoon tea. As the tiger proceeds to clean out their cupboards leaving nothing in his wake, children and grandchildren, mine at least, are shrieking with laughter, and pointing at the pictures, “Mimi, look, look”. What fun! And after all, what could be more fun than discovering that there is nothing to eat, so we have to go out for dinner……PERFECT!!

Judith Kerr wrote many other stories for children. We are also very fond of her series of books about Mog the cat, if cats happen to be your thing.

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