When is Less…MORE????

Each time I open this book by I. C. Springman , illustrated by the talented Brian Lies, I find I like it MORE¬† than the last. And the scary thing is that I haven’t even read it with my grandson yet. CAN NOT WAIT!! We are going to have so much fun talking about all of the stuff that the magpie accumulates on its way to having too much!

I am in love with the detail that Lies brings to each and every object the bird collects and the lessons buried within….how much stuff does anyone actually need to feel happy, complete, fulfilled? Perhaps, what we really need are just a few good friends? Something to think about, isn’t it?

Even if you choose not to get down and heavy in your thinking though….. this book provides ample material for whiling away an hour or two of a winter’s afternoon discussing all the interesting objects this magpie has collected and piled into his nest.

More…open it up…turn the pages…each time you do…you will find something new.

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