I’m six now, and I am off to slay a dragon…well, maybe

Oh to be 6! and after a large breakfast, set out on the mother of all adventures…on your trusty donkey … to slay a fire breathing dragon! So it goes for Henry, the very great grandson of King Arthur, that’s right, you heard me, KING ARTHUR.

I am not going to spoil your fun, but this book has it all: a dragon, a cyclops, a griffin, a sea monster and Henry finds them all.

But along the way he finds something else that he had never expected to find, especially from scary monsters, and that was friendship.

Kudos to Kenneth Kraegel, author/illustrator of King Arthur’s Very Great Grandson. This debut book is a real gem.

For our little ones, it is so exciting to follow along as Henry, on his sixth birthday sets out in search of adventure and find something totally unexpected. Trust me, this will be a book that they will ask for over and over again!

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