Homer, The Library Cat

I did not pick out this book. On a recent visit with us, I took our grandson to our wonderful local library. We sat, in the aisle, trying hard to be quiet, pulling out books to bring home. He picked this book. OK, we have a cat, he has a cat, it’s natural to pick out a cat book.

Well, he was mesmerized by this book. We read it lots and talked about what was happening to Homer once he left the safety of his quiet house. He loved the adventures that Homer experienced, but most of all he loved that Homer ended up in the Children’s section of the library,reunited with his quiet lady, but surrounded by lots of loving new friends, the children of his town.

Check out Homer, the Library Cat, whether you are a cat lover or not….we have dogs as well. Reeve Lindbergh has created, along with illustrator Anne Wilsdorf, a charming book for children.

Does your library have a cat….mine sometimes has the most unusual menagerie of animals, the last time I was there I saw chickens, cows, horses, and dogs….paintings. The library was hosting an exhibit of art by one of our many local artists.

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