“Seeing” the Possibilities – Annie & Helen

While I believe all books present opportunities for learning, there are some that are specifically written for that purpose. Annie and Helen by Deborah Hopkinson is one such book.

Drawing on letters written by Anne Sullivan to her own teacher, this story tells us about the early relationship of Anne and Helen Keller. It wasn’t easy at all. Many would have thought it impossible to teach a child who could not see or hear anything at all. But Anne knew that she could help Helen, and patiently day after day she kept at her task, firmly but with love.

Peppered with Anne’s letters, the text and beautiful illustrations by Raul Colón all weave a story of love, devotion, and perseverance that is important for us all today.

As the book begins with Anne’s letter, it ends with Helen’s first letter that she writes home to her mother.

On the back cover of the book is the Braille Alphabet so children can “feel” for themselves how Helen Keller and scores of blind people are able to read.

There are lessons for us all in this lovely book – every person is special, hard work pays off, don’t give up…..what’s your lesson?


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