Making the First Book – From the Good Mountain

If you are a book lover, then I think you will like this book as much as I do – I am in love with it!

From the Good Mountain – How Gutenberg Changed the World, by James Rumford is really amazing. Over two years in the making, this book checks all the boxes in my book. The presentation is visually stunning. Each pair of pages introduces us to a single element that goes into the process of making a book. One page gives us the text while the facing pages illustrates what we are reading about,elaborately in the most minute detail, indeed you almost feel as if you are part of the process.

In 1450, over 500 years ago, this was not an easy job. It took many people laboring, yes, laboring, to produce one book. However, that one book did indeed change the world and mankind’s access to the printed word forever more. In 2013, as we come to rely less on the printed page, it is good to remember how Johannes Gutenberg made the first book, thereby, in his day, opening up the world of knowledge to a broader audience.

This is a beautiful book; Mr. Rumford has given us wonderful illustrations that could produce endless conversations, each page a commentary on social history.


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