Bartholomew Biddle & the Very Big Wind

Today, in front of a roaring fire, I sat reading Bartholomew Biddle and the Very Big Wind to…my dogs and cat, because no grandchild was available. SAD! Let me just say, they were very attentive and seemed to hang on my every word, but that might just have been the promise of treats.


Anyway, this book, this epic poem, this grand adventure of Bartholomew demands to be read out loud, because to fully appreciate the story you have to “hear” it. So, the first order of business, as soon as you have your book in hand, is to find a cozy spot, your favorite child, and prepare yourselves for adventure.

Bartholomew is tired, bored of his same old predictable every day existence and longs for something new, exciting, different. One magical but rather dreary day he grabs the sheet off his bed, and launches himself off the windowsill and up into the sky and away on a marvelous adventure.

Join Bartholomew as he hangs out with pirates on a desert island, meets a new friend and teaches him how to expand his horizons, and flies into a mysterious cove filled with amazing people.

Bartholomew Biddle and the Very Big Wind

As wonderful as all of Bartholomew’s adventures are, eventually he realizes that he needs to go home, and so he makes a plan to climb out of the cove and then to fly away home.

This is the first book for Gary Ross who is perhaps better known for directing The Hunger Games, and has also been nominated for four Academy Awards as a screenwriter, director, and producer of films including Big, Dave, Pleasantville, Seabiscuit, and The Tale of Despereaux.

Matthew Myers‘ illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to this tale of adventure – expressive, realistic, fantastic, some pages are full of detail while others are left intentionally void, leaving the reader to his own imagination.

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