Building Our House

Have you ever built your own home – I mean REALLY – BUILT YOUR OWN HOME!?!

Once, many years ago, we built a home – by that, I mean we paid someone to build a home for us – it was agonizing. I was working, pregnant with our second child, and micro-managing the contractor – I am certain the experience was as painful for him as it was for us.

But Jonathan Bean makes building your home all by yourself, well with a little help from your friends, look like so much fun – and just imagine how it must feel to live in a home that you have invested so much of yourself in.

In this gorgeous book, Building Our House, Bean recounts the true story of his family’s move to the country and their,in reality, five-year house build, bit by glorious bit. While their new house is being built they live in a small “home on four wheels”. Everyone pitches in to make their new home a reality – they have a frame-raising party! They work hard to get the roof on – they work together as a family.

And finally, they have another party. A moving party! This is a love story. A family who made a conscious decision to move to the country, build their own home, with their own hands – a true labor of love. Jonathan Bean has written and illustrated a beautiful book based on his childhood memories that will give children everywhere a glimpse of what it is like to build bit by bit a home of your home.

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