Are You a Poet? Not sure? Try A Kick in the Head!

I love poetry. I am always in awe of poets who can, by putting the simplest words together, create magic. Like so many things, I think these poems are best when read out loud.

In A Kick in the Head, Paul B. Janeczko has collected 29 poetic forms. He tells us the rules for each form and then we get an example – sometimes the example follows the rules…and sometimes not so much, but then, that is part of the fun isn’t it?

Illustrated by Chris Raschka, this book of poems is nothing but entertaining. Each poetic form has a short explanation and a colorful illustration accompanying it.

At the end, the reader is given a fuller definition of the poetic forms, including, in some cases, where the form originated and how.

Perhaps this will inspire you and yours to put pen to paper and see what your favorite form might be.

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