Frog Song – A Book for Young Naturalists

Get ready to have some fun with frogs!

Brenda Guiberson and Gennady Spirin have teamed up to bring children a beautifully written and illustrated book, Frog Song, on a subject that has been a fascination for children, especially boys, for years.

We are introduced to 11 frogs from all over the world and in simple terms told how it is they come to be here. Really. And very interesting it is too. For example, I’ll bet you did not know that the male Darwin frog in Chile scoops the tadpoles into his mouth for safekeeping…for seven weeks!!! Then the little froglets pop out. Imagine that! We also get to use our own voices to imagine how each frog sounds, such as the Scarlet-sided pobblebonk who sings…Bonk…Bonk…Bonk after a heavy rain.

Each frog is accompanied by an exquisite illustration, so lifelike, you would be forgiven if you thought a frog or two was about to hop out of the book and into your lap!

Thoughtfully included at the end of the book are photographs of each frog along with “quick facts.” Just enough information to whet the appetite of your young scientist. Additionally included are Frog Facts Online for those seeking even further information. Enjoy! Maybe you will be taking a trip to a nearby pond this spring to see if you can spot a frog or some tadpoles!

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