How I Became a Pirate

This is not a new book.  But when I saw the cover, I just knew I had to pick it up and read it – immediately – because I guess, if I am really, really honest, I might just still be a child at heart. I just love the joyful expression on Jeremy Jacob’s face as he sits on the shoulders of Braid Beard the Pirate, don’t you?

What could be more fun than going to the beach with your family and ending up on a pirate ship, I mean after all, you did TRY to tell your mom and dad that a pirate ship was sailing into shore!

Melinda Long delivers a super fantastical story – all the rules that normally apply to Jeremy at home are literally thrown to the wind. What a life a pirate leads…except there were just one or two things that didn’t fly on a pirate ship that Jeremy found a little disconcerting. And, no matter how much fun he may be having with his new found friends, Jeremy knows that he must be home in time for soccer practice!

I think it is so important to expose our small friends – children/grandchildren, etc. to fantastical stories such as How I Became a Pirate. It provides us, the adults, with the opportunity, to reinforce the fact that – this is a story, there are no pirates, and in the REAL WORLD a child would never NEVER go anywhere with a stranger, EVER!

But pirate stories have existed longer than I have and this one is fun – I really enjoyed it. David Shannon has done a fabulous job of bringing Braid Beard and his motley crew to life – and while they are not Vogue models… they are not so scary that they are going to produce nightmares!

How I Became a Pirate is a FUN book… Your children, if they are anything at all like my children and grandchild will editorialize and make up their own story, as they see fit. And that, my friends…is the best part.

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