Anatole – A resourceful mouse if ever there was one!

Anatole is by no means a new book, but one that definitely deserves a mention here. Eve Titus, the author of numerous bestselling and beloved children’s books,  introduced scores of children and their parents to the beloved Anatole over 50 years ago and Paul Galdone illustrated nearly all of Ms. Titus’ books, winning a Caldecott Honor award for both Anatole and Anatole and the Cat.

Anatole is a delightful French mouse who lives just outside of Paris with his charming little family. In order to provide for his family, every night he goes out with a friend to scour for any morsels of food they can find to feed their families. But, all that changes when Anatole overhears the humans talking about mice in a not very complimentary way. Well, Anatole was having none of that. Changes would have to be made.

Anatole is a very clever mouse and is not going to let his family down. He comes up with an ingenious way to provide for his family. He thinks about what his best qualities are and decides that his skills at cheese tasting are impeccable. So, he starts going to a cheese factory, tasting the cheeses and leaving anonymous notes as to how the flavors could be improved upon. You must get the book to find out what happens to Anatole and his happy little family.

You and your little ones can follow the whole series of Anatole’s adventures. Other books in the Anatole series include: Anatole and the Cat, Anatole and the Piano, Anatole and the Pied Piper, Anatole and the Poodle, Anatole and the Robot, Anatole and the Thirty Thieves, Anatole and the Toy Shop, Anatole in Italy, and Anatole over Paris.

I’ve already checked to see how many are available on Amazon. I don’t know for sure…some people in my family, they will remain nameless, have accused me of having a book addiction. I mean, really, there are worse things a person could be addicted to right…just saying.

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