Over and Under the Snow

Just before winter gets away from us here in the mid-Atlantic  Upper South I wanted to share Over and Under the Snow with you, a book that I have been waiting to get my hands on. I tried to order it for Christmas presents and found that it was so back ordered I had to give up and resort to plan B. Never mind, it is here now and I am not sorry that I have waited – because it is the perfect book to teach your little ones about the natural world and what animals do in the winter time.

Christopher Silas Neal does a fabulous job conveying the temperature of the season as well, brrrr. As I sit in my sunroom today, even though the sun is shining, just opening the book and looking at the pictures with the little girl and her father cross country skiing through the forest, I feel a certain chill in the air!

Kate Messner beautifully and skillfully lays out for children page by page the winter life and habitat of mostly small animals – shrews, moles, voles, deer mice, even the queen bumble bee. But we also see a red ox, a white-tailed deer ( I have a small herd of my own, here), and a black bear. She wraps up her story with several pages of notes which further explain “the secret kingdom under the snow” and the individual animals that the book talks about. She also includes additional reading resources should your child’s interest be peeked enough to want to seek more detailed information.

I don’t know, but it might just warrant a walk on the wild side with your little one to see what tracks, holes, burrows, etc. you might find together…what do you think?

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