Dream Friends

When you were little, or perhaps when your children were little… were you ever visited by a dream friend? I feel certain that most of us had something special – a doll, a stuffed animal, a favorite toy, something that provided that little bit of extra comfort when needed. Well, I know someone who had a special make believe friend. This is the story that You Byun has so beautifully woven for us in Dream Friends.

Melody has a dream friend. In her dreams, they have wonderful adventures and do many many fun things together. But during the day, Melody was often sad. She was new to her neighborhood and was very shy. She wanted her dream friend to play with during the day, but that just didn’t work. Melody closes her eyes and pretends to dance with her dream friend and soon attracts the attention of another little girl. Soon she has a friend…and so it goes.

I have a feeling that You Byun is an artist/storyteller that we will be hearing from often. Her artwork is soft and gentle and wonderfully appealing to children and adults alike. Melody’s story is timeless, especially if you have experienced moving at all with children and starting over in strange places. Whether in your own country or half way around the world, a move for a child can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. A friend – stuffed, imagined or better still REAL is the best medicine when you are missing home. This is a lovely bedtime story!

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