Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile

When you were little did your town/village/city have a bookmobile? Did you use it? I was so lucky. Not only was my mother happy to take us to our local public library, but in addition they also had a bookmobile, which I thought was fun to visit. We also had a wonderful school library. Obviously not everyone grows up close to a library.

How fortunate for all the men, women and children in western North Carolina where Miss Dorothy operated her bookmobile! Only someone with a real passion for books and reading and for sharing that passion would have carried on over three counties with the vigor that Miss Dorothy did. So many places out in the country were full of “Miss Dorothy’s”, people who were committed to the people and the places where they lived. They wanted the best for the people they lived with and cared for. Often, the Miss Dorothy’s were the purveyors of more than, in her case books, they often would carry news, and most importantly, the gift of friendship.

Susan Condie Lamb has done a marvelous job of bringing Miss Dorothy and the people she loved and cared for to life through the beautiful illustrations in the book. If you listen, you can almost hear the green bookmobile puttering along a dirt road on its way to the next stop. Although there is no tangible monument to Miss Dorothy that anyone knows of, she will always be remembered for her enthusiasm for books and spreading that love of reading. And the affection that Dr. Houston had for Miss Dorothy is as clear as the water that runs in a mountain spring.

I urge you to go to your local library and check out Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile.

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