A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee

Well, It feels good to be home again. I have dropped Prince Charming off with his parents…it was a quiet, very quiet, car ride home.

Do you like rhyming books as much as I do?  I told you, I really am still probably five somewhere in my body. If you do like rhyming books, then Chris Van Dusen’s A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee is just the book for you…and of course the little darlings you are reading to.

With retro illustrations that will have you hearkening back to the bygone days of the 1950’s, Mr. Magee and his adoring pooch, Dee, take off for a few days of adventure in the mountains…wildlife, sweet air, hot dogs and marshmallows on a campfire…what could be better,right?!? But friends, wait, adventure is coming, because we all know what happens when you don’t clean up your campsite…BEARS come to visit you.

You will have to get yourselves a copy of the book to find out how Mr.Magee and Dee get out of the mess that they awake to find themselves in – EGADS ! This is such a fun book I can hardly wait to see the Little Darling again – I just know that he is going to love it. He’s already shown that he likes the outdoors and animals and he definitely has a strong preference (at 2) for books with rhymes. So I think I am safe in saying that this is a winner.

Chris Van Dusen has other books in the Mr Magee series, so check those out as well – Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee and Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee.

As I said the illustrations are great – with bright fresh colors that are appealing to young children and an almost cartoonish feel.

A great read aloud book like most of the books I write about, but this one, I promise, will be lots of fun (and will be interrupted with giggles, to be sure.)

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