And Then It’s Spring

Well, honestly, I almost missed the boat on Wednesday, talking about what insects do in the winter, but that book (Not a Buzz to be Found…Insects in Winter) was such a big hit with the Little Darling that I thought I really must share.

But now it’s SPRING! And this is such a sweet book. I think that I picked this up last year and it became a fast favorite. It is hard, after all, to go wrong with a story that involves a boy, a dog, and the hope and promise of new growth. I mean really, what could be better!!!

Written by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by Erin Stead, who you may know from the Caldecott Medal Winner, A Sick Day for Amos McGee, this book, And Then It’s Spring is all about anticipation and patience. Imagine that. While as a parent you might find the text somewhat spare and simple, I find that enchanting as it leaves you and your little ones to more deeply explore the details of the illustrations. I mean really look at them. Take, for example, the double page where the sun has finally come out, the boy is swinging, the dog is napping in the red wagon, in the foreground are a bunny and a turtle…what are they doing – playing, talking, birds are at the bird feeder made from an old milk carton.

Do you see it, do you see it in your minds eye? I can see the hopeful anticipation on the boy’s face – he is just waiting for a few more sunny days so that his seeds will start popping up through the soil, and the sky will be blue and the grass will be green. Can you see it?

Has spring “sprung” in your part of the world yet? What’s growing in your garden? I’m looking forward to the sweet smell of lilacs and later to my favorite, peonies. But first, there’s a lot of work to be done. Time to dig out your wellies and garden gloves, sharpen your tools and get gardening!

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