At Night….Or How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep In The City

I was so surprised when I looked up Jonathan Bean and discovered that I had already waxed poetic about his most recent book, Building Our House.

Well, I am sorry to repeat, but I felt it was time for a bedtime story and fell in love with this one in particular, so you will simply have to bear with me.

At Night is the story of one little girl, living in a big city, who obviously is having a little trouble falling asleep. She feels a cool breeze coming through her window, which makes her think about the rooftop garden and sooo she gathers her blanket, pillow, and sheets and off she goes to the roof top. Up on the roof the air is cool and the breeze is gentle.  She makes her bed and settles in for a good night’s rest…but it seems that perhaps someone else is now awake…isn’t that always the way?

~At Night JKT_5m-P1.tif

I think that you will agree that Jonathan Bean gets the soft colors of a city evening just right. This is a short, quiet story – perfect for bedtime – perfect.

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