The Imaginary Garden

Are you a gardener? I like to think that I am. I play at gardening, and besides reading a good book, there’s nothing like weeding a flower bed to give you that awesome feeling of satisfaction for a job completed. So, if you are a gardener, or your parents are gardeners then perhaps you will find this book interesting, too.

The Imaginary Garden is the story of the garden that Theo and her Poppa create at his new apartment. He had a lovely real garden at his old home, but that is gone and they must now “imagine” a beautiful new garden. Andrew Larsen’s sensitive story is so carefully and beautifully matched with the art of Irene Luxbacher that I dare you not to run to your cupboard of art supplies and start drawing yourself…it is so tempting, and just think, your garden would only be limited by your imagination!

Theo and Poppa have a wonderful time planning and then beginning to paint their new garden. Then, when Poppa goes on holiday, he leaves Theo in charge. She is worried, but he is confident that she will know just what to do…and she does!

Do you have a budding gardener that you read to? If so, then why not visit The Imaginary Garden? I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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