Spring Thaw

As I sit in my sunroom writing this on Saturday afternoon, the sun is shining and the sky is blue – what a welcome change! While we have certainly “thawed” out here, the ground is absolutely saturated with water and it is too wet to get out and do any meaningful gardening, yet…but soon.

I was really happy to come across Spring Thaw by Steven Schnur – it is a real promise of the end of winter…the beginning of spring. Steven Schnur writes so eloquently, yet simply, about a farmer and his son and life on and around their farm. The last snow is over, the temperature is slowly rising and the animals come to life. Slowly, as it warms we get to share the daily chores of farm life – feeding the birds, harnessing the horse to the wagon, and finally, collecting the maple syrup from a grove of trees.

I think the illustrations can make or break a children’s book. Stacey Schuett, I think, gets it just right in this case. As I began reading, it felt cold and forbidding, but slowly as the ice began to melt and drip down the window panes and slide off the roof, her layers of color shifting from icy blues to the warm yellows and reds that let us all know that spring is on its way.

This would be a great addition to your repertoire of books talking about seasons, nature, and the cycle of nature. Check it out.

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