Virginia Wolf…Yes This Is A Children’s Book

Just to carry on briefly from the last post for a moment…every book that I write about here is not necessarily something that I would read to MY Little Darling. There are lots of books out there that lean more toward the feminine reader, and I do BUY books for little girls, too. And sometimes, lots actually, some books are just too good to pass by. Such is the case with our book today, Virginia Wolf.


It takes rather a clever author to write a children’s book loosely based on Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa Bell, but that is exactly what Kyo MacLear has done -brilliantly, I might add. And so we have a tale of two sisters, Virginia ( the wolf ) and her sister who is the narrator. Clearly, Virginia wakes up on the WRONG side of the bed and is feeling, well, rather wolfish! Her poor sister is willing to do anything to bring Virginia, the real one, back so that they can play. You know what it can be like, if you have two children or more, if one is in a bad mood, the whole house seems to suffer until the unpleasantness passes.

Isabelle Arsenault has done a marvelous job of bringing the sisters to life. Even the font chosen to indicate which sister is speaking, is appropriate to the character. You can tell immediately when Virginia is speaking, her words are  large and angry looking; her sister, on the other hand is portrayed by a gentle soothing font, easy on the eyes. The book begins looking angry and stormy, with black being in the forefront. But the loving sister persists, trying many, many ways to soothe Virginia’s troubled self, until finally she arrives at the key that magically unlocks the door and her sister is restored to her.

This clever pair also brought us Spork which is also very cute and has a message in the story…

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