Two Books for Small Fries

These two books seem to fit together rather nicely and so I decided to combine them as one post. In the stories, Puffin Peter and Have You Seen My New Blue Socks, someone or something has been lost, or so it would seem. How often as a mother/grandmother have you heard…”I can’t find_____.” More than just a few times I would assume, right?

Puffin Peter by Petr Horáček is a lovely story about, what else, two puffins Peter and Paul. In the aftermath of a big storm, the two friends are separated. Peter is befriended by a whale who promises to help him find Paul. They go many places in search of him and always come close but Peter, in all their searching neglected to mention to the whale that Paul was a puffin too. Peter becomes despondent, certain that he will never find his friend, until they come upon an atoll, and behold there is Paul. A happy find.


I love the illustrations and I know that this will be a book that my own little darling will love: bright, colorful and a good story. What more can a two-year old and his Mimi ask for?

Have You Seen My New Blue Socks, I feel certain, is destined to become a favorite in our library of books. After all, what’s not to like about a little duck who talks in rhymes? He asks all his friends about his socks, but no one seems able to help him until, and your child will probably be astute enough to recognize this earlier, the peacocks uncover the mystery. Duck is wearing his new blue socks! Eve Bunting and Sergio Ruzzier have teamed up to bring children a lovely book, that will make your child laugh out loud. An added bonus is that the language used is simple enough for a beginning reader to tackle.


Either or both of these charming books would make great presents for a newborn library or a toddler who needs a present…something to treasure – a book!

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