A Visitor for Bear

People have recently asked where I find the books that I write about here. Today, the resources that we have, literally at our fingertips make this a fun project. Some of them are books I read as a youngster or I read to my children.  I made it my mission when our grandson was born to ensure that he was well read to and interested in books and all that a book could do to enrich his young spirit. I started really looking at children’s literature, to see what was new, what I wanted to read to him, have his parents read to him, that was a cut above, if you know what I mean.

I read a lot of book reviews, I scour the websites of publishers, I read other people’s blogs, friends offer recommendations, and let’s not forget the always helpful staff at my local library in Middleburg. I read a lot of children’s books. You can always check out my Pinterest page…that will usually have the most up-to-date information on ALL the books that I am looking at. Obviously, I don’t write about everything.

So, since you asked, we found A Visitor for Bear at the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, GA. We, the Little Darling and I, were down there visiting and had a very nice afternoon at the Museum. They have a great little mini-zoo and they do a hands-on presentation that is really great for little ones…we happened to be the only little one there, so that was really special. It’s a great museum with lots of child-friendly exhibits to keep your little ones happy and engaged.

Anyway, we found this lovely book about a bear, who is quite happy, he thinks, living a solitary life. But, one little mouse has something different in mind, and he is not easily deterred in his efforts to come in and “visit” with bear. I love the soft palette of colors that Kady Denton has chosen to use in her illustrations for the book. It is on the long end for what I would consider a “toddler” book, but it doesn’t feel long  because Bonny Becker has chosen her words sparingly and uses them to good effect. It is very evident, even to a toddler, the frustration that the bear is being confronted with…and the mouse’s cheerful persistence.

Won’t you consider adding A Visitor for Bear to your child’s library? It brings a wonderful message of friendship with it every time you read it. What could be better?

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