The Circus Ship … Another winner from Chris Van Dusen

The Circus Ship is the perfect antidote for a gray and rainy day. This book is full of gorgeous, wildly colorful illustrations that just beg to be looked at, studied for the amazing detail, searched for objects, and later, animals that are hiding. Such fun awaits inside the covers!

Loosely based on a true story of a ship that sank on a journey from New Brunswick to Maine, Chris Van Dusen turns a sad and tragic story into a fun and happy tale for children of all ages.

In this story a circus ship runs aground and miraculously all the animals manage to make it to shore. Well, you can just imagine the reactions the animals are met with when the people in town awoke to find all sorts of exotic animals roaming the streets of their quiet town! But…when the circus owner shows up to attempt to recapture his animals, the people decide that the animals would be better off staying put. They come up with clever and imaginative ways to disguise the animals and keep them safe from the greedy circus owner.

I just love the way that Van Dusen takes us back to the nineteenth century with his masterful illustrations. And don’t miss the wild expressions on the faces of people and animals alike. Why, the tiger even bursts through flames to save a small child.

I promise you – you and your little one will want to read this again and again. Winner from Chris Van Dusen!

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