The Creative Genius of Sarah Stewart and David Small

Do you know this dynamic duo? I did not…thank goodness for one of my helpful friends at the Middleburg Library for pointing me in their direction! This genius couple (and yes, they are married) has collaborated on a number of books and they are all really special.


It all started with The Money Tree in 1991, a lovely story about Miss McGillicuddy, who was quite the gardener, but she noticed one January a rather unusual plant sprouting up and it grew and grew and grew until all of a sudden it produced leaves of…money. It caused quite a commotion among the townspeople, as you might imagine, and disrupted Miss McGillicuddy’s otherwise peaceful existence. You will have to read the book to see how she restores peace and harmony to her house.

Other titles in their repertoire include:

  • The Journey, the account of an Amish girl who leaves her home to visit the “big city” for the first time, her diary entries highlight her daily adventures but always remind her of her beloved home.
  • The Friend, a lovely story about Belle and her “friend” the housekeeper Bea.
  • The Gardener, a wonderful story of love. Read and see how a Lydia Grace, just a slip of a girl, warms the hard heart of her Uncle Jim.
  • The Library, Elizabeth Brown loves books…but now she has too many, whatever will she do? She surprises the whole town.
  • The Quiet Place, a beautiful story of Isabel, the young daughter of an immigrant family and how she adapts to her new country.

Do I have a favorite? No. I like them all for different reasons. The stories will resonate, I think with you and your little ones too. And the illustrations are spot on…David Small expertly captures the spirit of each book transporting the reader to the time and place of each story. I want them all…I feel my shelves groaning!

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