Be Nice To Spiders

Are you afraid of spiders? Lots of people are, I know. I don’t LOVE them, but when you live in the country, you just get used to them being around…like lots of other things…snakes, field mice just to name one or two. But I digress. This is about a sweet classic book called … Be Nice To Spiders written by Margaret Bloy Graham. Some of you may have read it when you were a child. It is definitely a good book to put on your list, especially if you have a little one who might be “terrified” of spiders.

Without spoiling the story, Billy is moving and can’t take his pet spider, Helen, with him. He decides to leave her at the zoo with a note for the zookeeper. Helen escapes from her box as the keeper reads the note and off she goes. She finds lots to eat in the lion cage and quickly spins a web to catch flies…and so the tale begins. She moves through the zoo ridding the cages of the flies…oh happy days!

When the Mayor decides to visit the zoo, it is time for a clean up – and all the spider webs are washed away – except for one. When the zookeeper realizes the benefits of having the spiders, he makes a new rule – “Be nice to spiders.”

I love discovering a classic book that is still just as fresh and fun today as it was over 40 years ago when it was first written!

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