Nelly May Has Her Say

Nelly May has 12 brothers and sisters – and there is a shortage of food in her house. So she decides that she is old enough to take herself up to the manor house in the village and ask Lord Pinkwinkle for a job. And now the fun begins … because he has a special name for everything, and I do mean everything … even the dog (fur-faced fluffenbarker) has a special name for it’s tail (wigger-wagger) … but of course, why didn’t we think of that?

Never mind – Nelly May is up to the challenge because she is a quick and clever girl – until disaster strikes and she has to use ALL of Lord Pinkwinkle’s crazy words to get across the important message to him that… well, have a read of Nelly May Has Her Say!

Love this story. It will have you and your little ones rolling with laughter. After all, what Little Darling do you know that doesn’t just love it when you substitute absurd words for the most mundane? Try it.

I don’t often add links to author illustrator websites but these two are pretty interesting. I am a huge fan of Henry Cole. He does live, at least part of the year, in Virginia…so that is nice. And he has a great website with some fun things for children, so check it out. I think it is always interesting to see how people come to writing and their own “writing process.” Cynthia DeFelice lays it all out for us, as well as her thoughts on school visits, which she does a lot of…always a plus in my book!

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