Lemony Snicket’s, The Dark

When you were small…were you afraid of the dark, or perhaps something or someone lurking beneath your bed, or in the closet? I will own up…for me it was the monster under my bed. If I happened to wake up in the night with an arm or a leg dangling over the side…well I nearly had a heart attack. Seriously.

Well, enough about me. Do you know Lemony Snicket? I know that you all know Jon Klassen because I just recently told you all about one of my favorite books, This Is Not My Hat, which he wrote and illustrated. This dynamic pair has come together again to bring us a very interesting book, The Dark.

I have never come across a children’s book where “the dark” is actually given a voice. But in this beautifully illustrated story, Lazlo meets The Dark, who lives in his basement, and conquers his fear when The Dark speaks to him – calling him to come to the basement – for a very important reason. Lazlo, of course, resists, but eventually pads down the basement stairs, trusty flashlight in hand.

There is an interesting page where The Dark explains to Lazlo the reason for any numbers of things – a roof, a window, a set of stairs, a closet, a shower curtain… and the dark.

The illustrations, for me, are what really make this book special. Each time I open the book and flip through the pages, I notice something that I hadn’t seen before. When you see how visually spare Klassen has been, I think that it speaks volumes. It will encourage you and your little one to talk about the illustrations (we always do) as you read, or in addition to reading the story. It’s always fun to see what a child is seeing – sometimes so different from what you and I see!

Don’t forget to check out Jon Klassen on tumblr where he shares a bunch of great illustrations, book tour dates and more!

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