Miss Moore Thought Otherwise

Aren’t young people lucky that strong women have always been around? I mean really…if you think about it, women have always been at the forefront of everything important, right?!? Certainly, Anne Carroll Moore knew her mind and she wasn’t going to settle for anything less, thank goodness.

Children can now read all about Anne Carroll Moore in the book, Miss Moore Thought Otherwise, a brilliant first effort at a children’s book by Jan Pinborough, illustrated by folk artist Debby Atwell, who coincidentally lives not far from Anne Carroll Moore’s hometown of Limerick, Maine.


Can you imagine a time when children were NOT allowed to take home a book from the library…some libraries didn’t even allow children to come inside, imagine that!

Grown-ups thought that children would…get library books dirty or…that they would forget to bring them back…oh my?!?!

Thank goodness for Anne Carroll Moore! She had a dream, a dream to bring the world that she loved, the world of  fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and nature…any and every subject under the sun, she wanted children to be able to walk into the library, pick up a book and be able to read and learn.

Anne Carroll had to work for her dream, but she finally realized it when the New York City Public Library opened a new library and it had a very special Children’s Room. Anne Carroll directed the construction, ordered the books and made sure that there was plenty of light and plenty of cozy places for the children to sit and read to their heart’s content. She organized special programs for the children. Her Children’s Room soon became a model for libraries all over the country to use to make their own spaces more accessible for readers of all ages

We have much to thank Anne Carroll Moore for and for all the librarians who carry on today – thanks!


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