Dodsworth In…

Do you know Dodsworth and his friend the duck? Have you been on any adventures with them? So far they been to some pretty cool places! I mean really, who wouldn’t want  to go to New York, Paris, London, Rome, and now, Tokyo! WOW!!! What fun, and we get to go along on all their crazy, and I do mean crazy, adventures from the safety of our living room, or bedroom or wherever YOUR favorite snuggly reading place happens to be at the moment. YES!!!

Personally, I am still trying to figure out (and I don’t mind telling you this) what kind of animal, Dodsworth is? Any guesses? I think his sweet little face most closely resembles that of a mole, but who am I to say. Anyway, Dodsworth and the duck have become fast friends. They’ve have had some incredible adventures trotting around the globe and I highly recommend that you pick up a volume or two and join them.

Author Tim Egan starts it all off in with Dodsworth in New York. Admittedly, it was a rather rocky beginning. Dodsworth had not anticipated having a duck as a traveling companion. But when the duck heard about Dodsworth’s plans – he hid in his suitcase! You heard me – he hid in his suitcase, and then he made Dodsworth chase him all over New York City!!! The duck finally hops on a boat and Dodsworth is forced to follow him…only to find out that the boat was en route to …

Dodsworth in Paris – Dodsworth begged the duck not to get into any trouble in Paris,but…his pleas fell on deaf ears. The duck got the pair into BIG trouble when he used their money to make paper airplanes to fly off of the Eiffel Tower! With no cash left Dodsworth looks for ways to earn money. Their Paris adventure ends with a hot air balloon ride that takes them over to…

Dodsworth in London – As they fly over Buckingham Palace, the duck thinks that would be a marvelous place to stay. Well, following a case of mistaken “duck identities” Dodsworth and the duck actually do end up meeting the Queen AND staying in Buckingham Palace. Must read to find out all the details.

Wanderlust still not satisfied, our traveling friends take off for Dodsworth in Rome, well who wouldn’t?!? It wouldn’t be an adventure with the duck without a little excitement and Rome is no exception. At the Sistine Chapel, for example, the duck notices that there are NO ducks in the entire painting on the ceiling, and when he see some paint, he sets out to make a slight alteration. More adventures are in store at the flea market and the Trevi Fountain.

In their latest adventure they jet off to Asia in Dodsworth in Tokyo. By now, Dodsworth and the duck are fast friends. Even so, Dodsworth is just a little worried, that in Japan, a land of tradition, customs and manners, well, he was worried that the duck might just misbehave. So…he hoped that if he bribed him with a promise of wagashi (a traditional Japanese confectionery which is often served with tea, especially the types made of mochi, azuki bean paste, and fruits) that the duck would be able to contain himself on this trip. You will have to pick up a copy to find out.

These are a great set of books – armchair traveling for small people at its best. Droll illustrations, sly humor  – they have everything to appeal to readers – young and old.

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