Say Hello To Zorro!

Do you know Zorro? To know him is to love him! I originally bought this book a year or so ago for a little princess that I know…we are very close. We like a lot of the same things…dogs and cats, especially. Oh, and sometimes, we like to be silly together, but, don’t tell her I said that, because she will roll her eyes and make funny faces, for sure!

Any way, I bought this book for her, because, well because I just knew she would like it, and she did.

Say Hello To Zorro! might be about introducing a new dog into a family but it could just as easily be about introducing a new baby into the family as well. Change, as we all know only too well, can be difficult. It’s also about Mr. Bud and his routine -which he does not like to have altered. But Mr. Bud and Zorro certainly show us all that change can be a good thing and they are happy to have each others’ company at meal time, play time (two can have more fun chasing a cat, after all), nap time, two is better than one. Somehow Zorro fits himself into Mr. Bud’s routine without too much difficulty. Amazing how that works out.

Children will no doubt love the expressive faces that Carter Goodrich gives the pooches – any dog lover can relate!

There is a follow-up book, too – Zorro Gets An Outfit, you should check that out, for more Mr. Bud and Zorro fun.

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