Mary Wrightly So Politely

When we first moved to Germany, our neighbors (Germans, old school, who spoke not a word of English) didn’t understand why we always made the children say “Yes Ma’am, Yes Sir” etc… Have you seen the cute poster from OLD TRY? I love it! Any way, they didn’t understand because, in German, one doesn’t say that. But as people who grew up in The South, it was and still is very important to us. If it is important to you to, or if you are just interested in your children having good manners, then perhaps you will find Mary Wrightly So Politely a cute book too!


While you might think, well, Mary is rather timid is always apologizing for things that she hasn’t actually done…just hold your horses, please! It’s just going to take Mary a little minute to find her voice, but find it she will, when it becomes really, really important to her. And it does – when she finds the perfect present for her brother’s birthday. But someone else picks it up first. You will have to pick up a copy of the book to see just how Mary Wrightly politely handles the situation.


General Manners No. 1 – Old Try

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