if you want to see a whale

Do you remember not so long ago we talked about the book, And Then It’s Spring? Well, I am so happy to able to tell you that Julie Fogliano and Erin E. Stead have teamed up again to bring us another winner. YES!!!

if you want to see a whale is also about a waiting game of sorts. It’s all about what it’s like to watch for a whale. It takes patience…Shocking isn’t it. Such a good story for little people, I think. This is already a firm favorite with the Little Darling who is visiting with us right now. We have added “whale” to our daily repertoire of special books that we like to read.

Just like the proverbial question “Are we there yet?” no matter where you are going, I imagine that whale watching is one of those pastimes that requires no end of patience…something that you and I both know little ones have a short supply of. The little boy in this story sets out to explain, quite simply, exactly what is required should one want to catch a glimpse of a whale. Don’t get too comfortable, don’t get distracted, don’t smell the sweetness of the summer flowers… oooh already there are so many DON’TS!

In the end though, our small narrator and his trusty dog best friend do catch a glimpse of the elusive whale and it seems as though perhaps, just maybe, the whale was watching for them too.

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