Do you have a Little Princess in YOUR house? Then you need The Queen of France!

When I first read this book, The Queen of France, by Tim Wadham, I knew immediately the child I ABSOLUTELY had to buy it for! Does that ever happen to you?!?


As our Little Darling loves to say these days – “I’m not sure” when I first heard about this book, but I promise you, as I read it this morning, I chuckled all the way through, imagining the “Little Princess”  as she listens to it for the first time. I just loved the gentle banter that flowed between Rose and her parents and  “The Queen of France” and Rose’s parents. I love the playful imagination that Rose exhibits and the way her parents nonchalantly deal with the “Queen” and her proclamations. Who will Rose ultimately decide to be…Rose, The Queen of France…or someone thing else entirely? Must read for yourself to find the answer.

Kady MacDonald Denton is one of our favorite illustrators- she is also the illustrator of all the Bonny Becker “Bear” books, which we just love!

And what better time than summer for children to let their imaginations run wild – whether prince or princess, pirate or castaway, explorer, adventurer  – wherever their minds take them – let them go! And your backyard is the perfect place for them to run wild with their imaginations.

Check out our Pinterest page for lots of interesting outside activities, treehouses,  etc. as well as child friendly snacks…YUM!

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