Traction Man is Here!

If you knew me…and most of you don’t…you might just be thinking that I have slipped a little by recommending this book. But, I promise you, I have not. After all, if anyone out there is reading what I write, and I still do in fact have my doubts about that…you might remember that on Monday I wrote about the demise of READING FOR FUN. WHAT? READING FOR FUN. Yes…reading should be fun…shocking I know, but after all it is summer and children of all ages should have something to read that is fun, right? Well, this is just the ticket, no joke.


Mini Grey is a genius! Traction Man is Here is a roller coaster of fun for boys and girls. We meet Traction Man as he is gifted to a youngster on Christmas…this one replaces a previous Traction Man that met with a terrible parachute accident. And so our story begins. Ah, but who is telling the story…well obviously the youngster with the imagination in overdrive! Perfect.

Don’t skip lightly through the pages…you might miss some of the droll humor hidden in labeling… such as the dishwashing liquid “Lemon fragrance for dishes that are Chemically Clean.” Um, Yes. And don’t miss the germs lurking  behind the sink drain, oh no.

Traction Man is Here

And, I can’t wait till yours see what Granny made Traction Man for Christmas…PRICELESS!!! But don’t you worry, he deals with it, in true Traction Man fashion.

Really, if you don’t crack a smile when you read this book…well…I might have to hang up my hat.

Traction Man has other adventures too…Check out Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey and Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog to see what Traction Man gets up to in these adventure packed stories. Great for summer fun!

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