Favorites on Friday

Prince George Alexander Louis has finally arrived!!! Rumor has it that his parents affectionately called him their “little grape” before he was born. Apparently Prince William calls the Duchess “Poppet” while we learned from the film “The Queen” that his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh calls his wife…wait for it…”Cabbage.” Well, now that Prince George of Cambridge has arrived, I wonder what sweet nickname his parents and loved ones will bestow upon him? Inquiring minds do want to know, after all.

Have a super weekend and check out these links that I found for you…

  • Check out these sweet Bunny Bookends on Etsy from Best Loved Child
  • Need to encourage toothbrushing??? Try this from Black Lab Products!!!
  • Do you have children using the internet…check out these kid-friendly search engines.
  • Here’s some food for thought…do you think that reduced freedom for children today has affected their creativity? Read on…
  • Looking for a “cool” craft for your children, look no further…DIY Arctic Animal Fans!

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