Black Dog

Hmm, when you were little were you afraid of anything? Really, I was always certain there was someone/thing hiding under my bed waiting to grab my arm or leg should they happen to hang over the bed at night…it took me ages to get over that! If I had had a great story like Black Dog by Levi Pinfold, I do believe my irrational fear would have been dealt with much sooner.


Black Dog shows us all how irrational our fears can sometimes be. In this lovely story, Mr. Hope looks out the window one morning to see an unfamiliar black dog. Oh my, what to do. Really!?! He calls the police, because, he says the dog is as large as a TIGER! And so it begins. With each member of the family the black dog grows larger and more menacing. Until finally, the youngest member of the Hope family, Small, decides to take matters in HER own hands. Out she goes and leads the scary dog on a wild goose chase…all the while…well, you will have to read the book now, won’t you?

Levi Pinfold is the winner of this year’s Kate Greenaway medal, awarded for an outstanding book in terms of illustration for children and young people and Black Dog is only his second book. WOW! When I was looking around the internet for interesting things to share with you, I ran across this, from the young man himself, and if any of you are librarians out there I know this will be music to your ears!!!


Pinfold said:

“To win the Kate Greenaway Medal is fantastic: I couldn’t use the words ‘over-the-moon’ less lightly. I’m honoured that my work has been recognised by CILIP on behalf of librarians, for whom I have nothing but respect. I am always amazed at the passion for reading, looking and understanding that libraries inspire in everyone. The availability of a whole universe of knowledge and inspiration in one place is something highly underrated, as is the importance of encouraging minds, young and old, on the pathway to discovery. I think we all have a lot to learn from libraries.”

What can I say, he may be young, but he is wise and very, very talented. Have a look too at his other book, The Djangohis first picture book, that was inspired by his own love of jazz music and the amazing life of Django Reinhardt.

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