Paul Thurlby’s Wildlife…Not Your Average Animal Book!

I think I first heard about Wildlife from Sweet PaulIf you haven’t seen Sweet Paul’s on-line magazine, you have to check it out. Like this cute spread on furnishings for a child’s room, really, so cute!

Anyway, back to Wildlife. Paul Thurlby is originally from Nottingham but now based in London. He is inspired by mid-century design and illustration and his quirky style has been described as being retro-modern. In his bio he says “I hold my pen in a funny way but it works just fine for me, thanks.” Wildlife is Thurlby’s second book for children. The first, Alphabet Book, won the Opera Prima at the 2013 Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

I know, you might be thinking to yourselves, it’s just another picture book of animals…well…NOT!!! The colors are vibrant and the animals pop out at you from the pages…in a good way. On each page is a pithy fact, for example, did you know, kangaroos use their tails so that they can kick with both feet? Soooo, that’s what that tail is for! And we may be always complaining about rats, but who knew that they spend 1/3 of their lives WASHING themselves, I mean really…did you know that?!?

Children will love this book and ask for it over and over. I can’t wait for the Little Darling to show up here next month…the stack of books is growing taller by the day!

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