In the Tree House…another winner from Andrew Larsen

You might recall that earlier we talked about The Imaginary Garden here. Well, I am so happy to report that Andrew Larsen has recently released his newest book for children. I hope that you will find it as timeless and appealing as I have. Pops and I are now counting down the days until the Little Darling arrives here – some of us want to go fishing, others are anxious to share newfound books with him. He’ll be excited and up for it all – he always is. I know he will be looking forward to visiting the newly renovated and enlarged Middleburg Library, it’s one of his favorite places to go!

When you were a child, did you have a tree house? If you hop over to my Pinterest page, I have an entire board dedicated to tree houses, I love them. We are always scheming here about the tree house we might build for our little someone! So I can well imagine how the little boy who is the narrator of In the Tree House must have felt when he moved, with his family, to a home with a tree finally large enough for a tree house of his own. The excitement grows as he discovers that his older brother ad his father have always wanted to build a tree house, too!

The book tells a story of two brothers who bond over the summer in their freshly built tree house – it was magical. But things change the following summer when the older brother develops friends of his own and doesn’t have time for his little brother any more.

But something happens to bring the brothers back together…and that is magical too.

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