Bubblegum Princess

Well, last week I got a nice package in the mail from the good people at New York Media Works. They were kind enough to send me their newest book, Bubblegum Princess, to review. How exciting!!! The release was timed to coincide with the birth of HRH Prince George.

Briefly, this little tale is all about Katy a young lady who loves bubble gum and LOVES to blow bubbles. But all good things must come to an end when she receives an invitation from the Queen to come to a party at the palace. NO BUBBLE BLOWING ALLOWED…Oh dear…what to do?!? But Katy is made of strong stuff and she puts her habit aside for the opportunity to meet the Queen and her handsome grandson, Prince Will. But trouble is not far away…someone blows a huge bubble and it EXPLODES. Of course, Katy is accused of this dastardly deed and banished from the palace.

See how Katy redeems herself…she knows that she was not the culprit.

This little gem, written by Julie Gribble, award winning screenwriter/director, and also the founder of New York Media Works, is a playful take on the romance of George’s parents, William and Kate. Illustrated by Lori Hanson, in bubblegum colors sure to appeal to girls of all ages, this is a fun story to share and one that will be asked for over and over again.

Throughout the year, New York Media Works will produce special events to celebrate the publication of the book, and Baby Cambridge’s birth. In addition to events held in New York City, Ms Gribble plans to donate copies of Bubblegum Princess to charities in the United States and abroad.

Julie Gribble is an Emmy­ nominee, and 2013 Stony Brook Southampton Children’s Literature Fellow. Gribble will be mentored by best­selling author, and Grammy winner Emma Walton Hamilton during her tenure as a Children’s Lit Fellow.

For more information about Bubblegum Princess, visit bubblegum-princess.com.


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