The Philharmonic Gets Dressed

Have you ever wondered what happens…before the orchestra starts playing? Well, Karla Kuskin reveals all in The Philharmonic Gets Dressed. This classic, first released in 1982, is still as fresh today as it was 30 years ago. And even though we now know all that happens on Friday night before the lights are dimmed in the concert hall, it doesn’t take away any of the magic that is there each and every time.

From bathing to dressing to getting to the concert hall in time, we follow the members of the orchestra as they make their preparations – preparations that will bring them together to create, for just an evening, beautiful and magical music for the audience to enjoy.

I can’t think of a better way to introduce a child to the magic and mystery that is the orchestra. While great masterpieces are still the backbone of concerts everywhere, new composers are constantly pushing the limits and trying to bring audiences new and unusual experiences – every Friday evening.

Karla Kuskin was a prolific children’s writer. In addition to the books she wrote for children, she also composed poems for children as well. She also was the illustrator for some of her books, as she said once in an interview, “For many years, I assumed that I would illustrate whatever I wrote.” While she did, in fact, illustrate the bulk of her work, she did work with other illustrators, and that is indeed the case with The Philharmonic Gets Dressed which was illustrated by Marc Simont. A Caldecott Medal winner, Mr. Simont, who died last month, is probably best known for  the boy detective Nate the Great, created with writer Marjorie Sharmat in 1972. He illustrated the first twenty cases, through 1998.


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