Amelia to Zora: Twenty-six Women Who Changed the World

I was excited to find a book for young people – that featured 26 women – from Amelia to Zora, who in some way managed to make a difference in this world that we live in. Some names will be very familiar to us – Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt, Helen Keller, just to name a few. But I dare say there will be a few that perhaps you might not be aware of. For example, do you know Grace Hopper or Wilma Mankiller?


I must say that I find this quite refreshing, in an era where our news seems to be focused on women like the Kardashians, or Lindsey Lohan, or well, I think you get where I am going. I have nothing against those women, but I am not sure that they are women that I would want MY daughter or granddaughter, if I had one, to be looking up to as a role model. But that, as they say, is just MY opinion.

In any case, Cynthia Chin-Lee and I undoubtedly have lots in common. She has an inquisitive mind, and through her 26 examples, illustrates how these women, who were equally precocious used that in many different but positive ways, often working through hardships to achieve remarkable things.

Let’s just take, for example, Grace Hopper. Did you know that it was Grace who coined the term “computer bug?” Well, neither did I. But do you know why??? Because one day, her assistant found a moth stuck in a room-sized computer called the Mark I. They removed it and put it in a notebook, writing “First actual case of a bug being found.” Now you know!

Also on my reading list by Cynthia Chin-Lee is the companion book of men, Akira to Zoltan which I am certain will be an excellent book, too.

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