Peter Kent’s City Across Time

While our Little Darling isn’t quite ready for this book – it won’t be long. And I dare say that there are some of you who have older children who might just be interested in or have school projects to do with history or archeology. So, I thought this might be a fun book to feature. It reminded me so much of the countless hours days weeks that I spent traipsing across the English countryside while we were living there so that one child or the other could learn as much about England as I could possibly manage. To this day, I have one child who can recite all the kings and queens of England – but NOT the presidents of the good old USA! There are worse things, I think.

Anyway, I love City Across TimeWhy, you might ask? Because, without running all over the UK, in the comfort of your own home, you can virtually explore what happens in a place from the Stone Age to the present day and then try to imagine what might happen in the future. Brilliant!

Peter Kent does an amazing job bringing each era to life both literally and visually so that a child has basic written information to accompany each illustration. The drawings give parent and child lots to discuss; additionally the author has included a really helpful short glossary at the end.

This book provides a fascinating look for children at urban development through the centuries – a great buy for a budding archeologist or history buff.

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