Squirrel’s Fun Day

Do you know any animal MORE energetic than a squirrel? Well, not in the book, Squirrel’s Fun Day by Lisa Moser. In this short chapter book, Squirrel is desperate to play with his friends Mouse, Turtle and Rabbit. But they are all…otherwise engaged.  In each chapter Squirrel tries to arrange a play date with one of his friends but nothing seems to work. In the final chapter, he retreats to his nest, certain that his friends just don’t like him, but he is in for a big surprise!


We, the Little Darling and I, took this book with us last month when we went visiting. I wasn’t sure how a chapter book was going to work with a not quite 3 year old, so we started out by reading one chapter at a time. Quickly,though, he was able to listen to the entire book, 44 pages, as a bed story. He loved it and we talked about each chapter as we read. The things that really appealed to him, being a nature boy, were, of course, the animals. But he also really loved the Squirrel’s enthusiasm for life – children do love repetition and the Squirrel loves to repeat – “Got to go, got to go, got to go,go,go!”

Valeri Gorbachev’s illustrations perfectly complement the story -the facial expressions she gives the animals make them come alive for children.

If you are in the market for a fun book but one with a message about the enduring importance of friendship – I can highly recommend this one!

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