Leaf Man

Are you ready? Because it’s coming. What? FALL is coming…and what happens when Fall comes…the leaves on the trees start to…FALL.

When it is time for a nature walk, or you are out raking up the leaves in your yard perhaps you should pause and see what you can see in the leaves before they blow away.


Lois Ehlert has produced such a gem of a book – it really speaks for itself – Leaf Man – can you see him? Where is he going…where will he land? What will he see along the way?

I hope that Leaf Man will provide you and your little ones with lots of inspiration this Fall to walk, no run, outside and start collecting leaves of your own, not to mention acorns and sweet gum balls so that you can create your OWN Leaf Man or Girl…or cat or dog or chicken…the possibilities are endless aren’t they!


Get up! Go outside! Go to the park! How many leaves can you find and identify? Collect your own leaves – what are they inspiring YOU to create? Send us a picture of YOUR creation – we would love to see it!

LOIS EHLERT has created many picture books, including Leaf Man, Pie in the Sky, In My World, Growing Vegetable Soup, Planting a Rainbow, and the bestselling Waiting for Wings. Some I am sure you will be familiar with. You can find them all here.

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