Favorites on Friday


A Walk in the Leaves. Photo courtesy of Peter Lindberg/flickr.

The leaves are beginning to fall here. I do hope that our Little Darling will be here before too long so that we can have some fun playing in them! What are your plans this weekend? Whatever you do, have a great one!

  • Ruff is a VERY industrious dog…see what happens when he inadvertently digs up Hubble, the mouse’s home – BFF’s in the making!
  • All children LOVE to play in water! Check out this water bead lab on Tinker Lab.
  • Henri Rousseau wanted to be an artist – but no one believed he could actually paint. Winner of the 2013 Pen/Steven Kroll Award for Picture Book Writing.
  • Love these DIY Monster Tin Can Place Cards!
  • Martha Stewart has a fun ABC project with leaves.

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