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Do you know Chris Haughton? If you don’t maybe this would be a good time to look him up. An Irish illustrator and designer, he now lives in London. In 2007, he was named one of Time Magazine’s DESIGN 100 for his work for Fair Trade and People Tree. Little Owl Lost, his debut picture book, won the 2011 Marion Vannett Ridgway Award. Haughton followed that up with Oh No, George! this year.


Last month, I had the pleasure (and it was a pleasure) of reading both of these books to our Little Darling. He We liked them both a lot, and he asked for them both to be read at nap time, bed time and any time he felt like he needed a story – NICE!

Little Owl Lost 2

Little Owl Lost tells a story that we have all heard before – a tale of lost and found. But Chris Haughton has infused in Little Owl Lost a new life with fresh, dare I say, hip colors, and stylized animals that appeal to children. Pretty soon as Little Owl goes on a search for his Mommy your little one will be chirping in too, “That’s not my mommy!” And oh, aren’t we all so, so happy when Little Owl finally DOES find his mommy!

On no, George with Cake

If you have a pet, especially a dog, then you, too, can and will relate to Oh No, George! George wants to be good – really he does. It is just so hard when Harry, his owner, goes out and leaves a CAKE on the table and then tells George NOT to eat it…I mean really, could you leave it alone? Well, George could not, along with a lot of other things in the house. When Harry returns, George repents by giving Harry his favorite toy. Harry takes him out for a walk…will George be able to behave himself…Oh No, George!

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