The Deer Watch

First, let me just say, this is NOT  a post about the herd of deer who live in my field – NOT!!!

The Deer Watch by Pat Lowery Collins is a beautiful, moving story about a boy and his father who set out on an early morning – in hopes of seeing a deer. If I might editorialize for just a moment, and so does the author, rampant development has robbed deer and other wildlife of their native habitat and has caused numerous problems. Evidently in the northeast, along the coast that has somehow diminished the deer population, not here in the Old Dominion.

Nevertheless, Ms. Collins uses a father/son nature walk outing to full advantage – highlighting the close relationship between the boy and his father, the father’s obvious love for the natural world and his desire to share that love with his son, and the lesson that we all can never get enough of – time spent with our children is PRICELESS! This is a beautiful story to share with your child. Then take a walk on the wild side and explore nature in your part of the world – you won’t be disappointed and the memories you make with your child will last a lifetime.

The illustrations by David Slonim whose work I was familiar with from He Came with the Couch, frankly blew me away. Each page is like a mini-Impressionist painting for children, showing the breadth of his artistic capabilities.

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