20 Big Trucks…In the Middle of the Street

Imagine you are a child…riding your bike down the street and what do you see, but an ice cream truck – broken down – IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!  WOW!!! All of a sudden, especially if you live in the city, like this little boy, more trucks start piling up behind the ice cream truck. And what little boy doesn’t like trucks, right? And then, even better, as the trucks pile up and up, you figure out how to get them all unstuck – GENIUS!

It’s hard to imagine the diversity of trucks that manage to pile up behind the ice cream truck, but it does give you lots to discuss when you are reading this. What are they delivering, where are they going…with pigs in the center of the city for heavens sake?

20 Big Trucks is Mark Lee’s first children’s book. His childhood love of trucks no doubt is expressed in this book and his collaboration with Kurt Cyrus, who claims he’s driven a few trucks in his time has assured his gem of a picture book a winning place in the bookshelves of a few little boys, and maybe girls, too, that I know!


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